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We offer the finest services in visual media production and post-production.

Visual contents are valuable resources, a must have for every brand.

With visual content, there are virtually no boundaries to how much you can interact with your target audience.

We always advise our clients to optimize their marketing strategies by investing in classic video content which in turn optimizes their brands productivity.

According to We Are Social, there are 2.56 billion global mobile social media users, equaling 34% penetration; globally with 1 million new active mobile users added daily. 

Currently, the world lives on social media and 65% of business decision makers visit a marketers website after watching an attractive branded video content. 

Our corporate video package can help your brand seize the attention of your audience while increasing your company's SEO value and click-through rates across the board.

You can choose a video that suits your needs from our corporate package:

·         Company profile video

Imagine a video that says all about your company's history, culture, vision and success stories. A profile video is a must have for every organization that sees a need to align with the ever developing 21 century world.

This video can be displayed on the homepage of your company website; it can also be aired in loops in your office reception or used in a presentation to clients and investors. 

·         Product/Campaign Launch

Videos are strategic ways to inform your target audience about new projects - while promoting your business at the same time. It could be the launch of a new product or service. With visuals, you can compel your audience to act.

·         Tour Videos

The idea behind tour videos is to place your target audience and clients within a cyber space that is a virtual reality of your facility. Tour videos let your audience know that they are welcome to your space (even if they are not present physically) and that gives your organization out as hospitable. Also, tour videos showcase the process required for a prospective client to successfully work with you.

·         Case Study Videos

This package is a much more personal attempt at showcasing the role your product, brand or service has played in your client’s success. It also stands as a client testimonial to the value and impact of your product or service. While it is best to be enthusiastic about your brand, it is much more effective to have your client say it for you. And we all know that new customers would rather bank on the testimony of existing ones. 

·         Event Video

This projects a “show not tell” overview of your company’s structure and culture in terms of corporate activities; conferences, seminars, etc. Event videos are also resourceful at networking with industry experts and you can also save a piece of the pie for people who missed your event. It is also a great way to market upcoming events.

·         CSR Videos

It is no doubt that consumers have a high responsiveness for socially responsible brands. Your company can leverage on documenting its corporate social responsibilities using videos that show how much you value human and public relations. There is a lot of benefit in engaging communities and supporting initiatives and documenting this activities will go a long way to show how much light your brand is illuminating into the human side of business.

·         Opinion/Feedback Videos

There is an ocean drive of possibilities when feedback is taken into cognisance. For feedback on your brand as a whole or a service you render, using interviews as an approach, you can show potential clients and employees the realities of being associated with your brand. Audiences identify well with genuine dialogue – whether scripted or unscripted, this style comes strong with emotions that could be easily resonated with.

·         Recruitment Videos

Every company’s goal is to hire the right people who will wear their vision and culture as a badge of honour. It is important to give potential employees a behind the scene treat of your corporate culture and what is expected of them. Your employees could share their interests and challenges and it presents a level of transparency that makes your company stand out as unique and approachable.

·         TV/Cinema/Web Advert

Targeting a wider audience is very key in this digital age. Relaying the right message to customers about what product you are selling helps you hit your set target, drive sales and strengthen your brand awareness. Adverts and commercials drive a huge traffic, and it’s not just about placing a product in front of a camera. There is a story to be told about every product, or brand or service. Finding that story and telling it right is all the shine your brand needs. 

·         Documentary Video

Documentaries are true stories (nonfictional) told in motion picture and are as entertaining as their fictional counterparts. Organizations use documentary approach primarily for education or to keep a record. 

Your organization would need a documentary video approach to tell real life stories about it's history and/or achievements.

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